BPD and Me

Hello again. First of all I would like to apologize that there is not a lot happening a lot on my blog at the moment, as I am still in Paris. Because I am not able to provide you with anything by myself at the moment, I am even happier to present you a guest … Continue reading BPD and Me

Bipolar Disorder and Me

Hello everyone and welcome back to my series “My Mental Illness and Me”. Today everything will be revolving about bipolar disorder, so I am very happy that Sunny Larue allowed me to share her post on my blog. She has uploaded this very same article on her site, which you can find here. Apart from … Continue reading Bipolar Disorder and Me


In this first blog entry, I would like to touch upon the topic of Misophonia, since it is something I experience myself. Misophonia is not commonly known, which means there is usually not a lot of understanding or acceptance. As many people might be unfamiliar with this condition (officially it is not even considered a … Continue reading Misophonia