Pressure on young people (with regard to anxiety)

After I have spoken about my dreams, I feel the need to connect them to a different, but somehow related topic, namely the pressure I and people my age experience (generation y and/or z, depending on which time interval we choose, since experts seem not be able to agree on a certain year as a … Continue reading Pressure on young people (with regard to anxiety)

Insomnia and mental disorders

In my last post I talked about Misophonia and that it can keep me from falling asleep, but there are many other (mental) disorders and sleeping disorders that can lead to sleepless nights and horrible, exhausting days afterwards. I would like to explore the topic by discussing the symptoms of sleeping disorders and what reasons … Continue reading Insomnia and mental disorders


In this first blog entry, I would like to touch upon the topic of Misophonia, since it is something I experience myself. Misophonia is not commonly known, which means there is usually not a lot of understanding or acceptance. As many people might be unfamiliar with this condition (officially it is not even considered a … Continue reading Misophonia