Celebration Post: Writing And What It Does For Me

My blog is now six months old and I would like to thank everyone, who has ever visited my site, left a comment or like on one of my posts. I am so happy that so many people have shown interest in what I do here and that I have received so much support. When I am being honest, I would not have thought that this “project of mine” as I used to call it in the beginning, would survive longer than a few weeks. I am someone who constantly changes what they are doing and I don’t usually stick to one thing very long, before I get bored, so I am also a little bit proud that I managed to hold onto this for six months. I know it is not a lot, but it is a beginning and I believe that there is still a lot to come. I thought today might be a good time to talk about what writing means to me and share some more background stories about how I ended up here and where I still want to go.

My blog is 6 months old now, I cannot believe I am still here…

For me, as I think for most people who decide to start writing something, there was the love of books first. As a kid I just was not able to put them down. I often went past my bedtime and read under the sheets with my torch on, hoping my mom would not come in to check on me. It worked more often than not. When I turned older and got into puberty, I started to read less (which is quite a pity, I must admit) and only started reading more again when I turned 18.

However, over this entire period, I always enjoyed writing stuff down about myself (maybe some people would call that self-centred XD). I tried a lot of different things and as far as I can remember, really enjoyed them. I wrote a lot of cringey poems in sixth grade, I wrote a letter to myself in the future when I was 15 and in between I made various attempts of maintaining a diary. Those attempts never lasted longer than a few days or weeks at best, since I discovered that my life was not that exciting and actually pretty boring. This is when I abandoned the idea of writing about myself and instead started to express my ideas more. I still wanted to tell a story, but I knew that it wouldn’t be about myself.

My first attempts at writing, especially poems, were horrible.

I have said before that I want to write a book, but I know that I have time to do it so I will take it slow and do it right for once. I created characters and a rough idea and if I still like it sometime from now, I might really write it. However, until then I will practice and write on a smaller scale (until I have finished my studies I would assume). I have written some fanfiction in the past (again, very cringey), but now I have settled on trying to maintain this blog (which is already a huge challenge and I am not always holding up that well, but I will keep trying). I really enjoy being here and I just love typing away what runs through my head.

I said before that I wanted to have a voice, but in order to get there, I feel like I still have to figure out what I want to tell the world with that voice. I mean there is so many things that I find important (some of them you can already find on here), but to be memorable you have to start out with one thing you focus on (something which seems to be impossible for me) or tell your own interesting story. I haven’t had a super memorable life, nor do I belong to a group of minorities that would need more attention, so I am pretty much sitting around here, being as honest as possible by sharing what I think about.

I don’t know precisely what my main message will be and I have no clue how the future looks like, but I will get there.

I would like to write stuff that resonates with people and that they will remember. And even though I think I am relatively good with words; I know that there is still some way to go. I will figure out what I would like to focus on, but until then you will have to be satisfied by the random stuff, I decide to put on here.

If you want me to post a part of what I have written for the story/book I have in the back of my mind, tell me and I might actually consider it. I mean there is nothing wrong with a little feedback, right?

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