My Mental Illness and Me

Today there will only be a very short post with an exciting update on what is going to happen in the near future on this blog. I restructured my menu and posts in a way that makes more sense to me. If you visit my blog regularly, you might have spotted that there was a fifth category added to the the initial four ones. I will quickly explain what this means and where this leads me to.

So here we go; I am super excited to announce a project that I have been thinking about for a while. From now on, there will be a series called “My Mental Illness and Me” on my blog. Every week someone will share their story on mental health issues and illnesses. I am planning on covering all the major mental illnesses, but I am also open to everyone else, who would like to share their story on mental health issues. So if you have a rather rare condition, don’t hesitate to come forward and contact me ( or Twitter).

The reason I am doing this is very straightforward. I would like to raise awareness of mental illnesses and participate in fighting the stigma. As I myself don’t have any mental health conditions, I cannot and will not write articles about an illness I don’t experience myself, so I decided it would be best and most honest to ask some of you to share your story. Like this, the information will be accurate and there is a personal story behind everything.

The first post in this series will go online within the next few days and revolves around OCD. Amy from Sassy Cat Lady ( ) has been suffering from OCD for a long time, but managed to partly recover and make huge steps forward. If you want to hear her entire story, just come back soon. I would be happy about feedback regarding this series in general, so please comment and tell me what you think.

I am already excited to go on this journey with you and hope that in the future mental illnesses will be more accepted and the stigma against them ceases to exist.

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