Hate on the internet

Disclaimer, this post might display opinions that some of you don’t share, however, they are not the content, but can be taken as examples for the point I am trying to make.

People of the internet, we need to talk about this. What is going on with all the hate and disgusting stuff that people throw at each other online? I never understood how you could dislike a person so much that you threaten them with violence or worse, but apparently there are people out there who haven’t got the slightest problem with exactly doing that. In fact, it is what happens every day. There are so many people out there fearing their life, because they regularly receive hate comments and death threats. I think we need to address this topic, because only few people explicitly talk about this, but it is becoming more relevant than ever with younger people having access to the internet.

My reaction to hate online is often pure shock. I cannot believe what people can say to each other without having ever met. I have a message for all those of you that harm others in this way (and if you are offended by this, I am indeed talking to you):

When you get so upset about gay marriage, keep it together, it is none of your business, so don’t go around scaring people with your disgusting behaviour. You can be against it, everyone is allowed an opinion after all, you might even pose your arguments, as long as you are respectful and not outright insulting or molesting anyone.

When you don’t like feminism and would rather return to the old patriarchy, I do project dark times for you ahead (BTW feminism is not only about women, it’s about equality). However, you can stick to that mindset, go ahead, I am not holding you back, but please stay off the internet and stop threatening all the confident, successful women out there.

When you can’t stand the thought of foreign people coming to your country, that is your problem, so just be quiet and let them enjoy their life, instead of humiliating them or worse.

I think there should be a general rule: If you are not directly involved or affected either support the people who are going through whatever it is or keep quiet. If you are a man and a woman is pregnant and the child is not yours, you are not affected. If someone is transgender and having an operation, you are not affected. Also, if you have no clue or expertise on the topic, don’t you dare tell others what is right or wrong. People can think and decide themselves, if they needed help with a choice or an educated opinion, they would contact someone they trust or who is an expert regarding that topic. You, the weird stranger sitting in the dark typing on your laptop, on the other hand, have no idea what it is like. You don’t know the background, you have no expertise at all and still you believe you can dictate other people’s lives. Just no.

If you are against gay marriage and are affected in no way (which you automatically aren’t if you are not gay), go away, it is not that it will take away any of your privileges, other people are just given the same stuff that you have. If you don’t grasp the concept of love and sharing and equality, you might consider doing a course or seminar or religion (only if it is not the hateful kind of relgion, stay away from that).

I won’t be wasting energy on trying to convince you of a different opinion, I just want to know:

How hard can it be to just be polite and nice? (Or if neither of that is an option keep quiet). Also, a hard background story and life are not an excuse. They don’t give you the right to make other people feel bad or harm them. There are billions of people out there who had and have an incredibly hard life, and they did not start throwing dirt around and make other people’s lives harder. There are people working so hard to be a good person and nice, even though they are struggling, and there the haters come and take everything apart.

I mean, I also don’t agree with everyone’s opinion, but that does not mean that I try to destroy those people. It does make me angry that there are people out there who seriously believe one or more of the following:

  1. The climate change is not real
  2. Racism is not real
  3. Women should not be able to decide about their body (abortion)
  4. Feminism is about women taking over the world (like… how? I mean even if it was, I think after thousands of years of men doing exactly that, I think it would just be fair, but okay)
  5. Equal marriage should not be allowed (No one expects you to march on pride, just let them be happy for god’s sake)
  6. Disapprove of transgender people
  7. Young people’s and children’s opinions do not matter (a generational thing, which keeps repeating itself and apparently no one is interested in changing that)
  8. Hate and violence would be a solution to any problem
  9. Mental health problems and mental disorders are not to be taken seriously or don’t exist

I don’t agree with people who support one of these opinions, but that does not mean that I am going to their Instagram or Twitter profile and start insulting, threatening or molesting them. I could spend all my energy on trying to convince them of different opinions, but it is a hopeless idea when I can see that they are beyond reason and not listening at all. Discussions could bring out a lot of interesting new insights, but there rarely are fruitful discussions taking place online, because everyone is hating on each other and being so agressive.

How come that some people never learn how to properly discuss (which also involves listening to each other)? Is it really so hard to think rationally and wait until the other person has made their point or do these people just don’t do it because their opinion might turn out to not be founded on any logical reasoning but on their damaged ego that fears to be thrown off their throne of oppression (which they built by hating on others of course)?

I am increasingly getting frustrated, as I am growing up in a world where everything seems to be falling apart. There goes our planet, dying from global warming. There goes the love, dying from people full of hate. There goes our humanity, dying from all the wars. I am being honest, it becomes harder for me to see positive things out there.

Okay finally:

To all amazing people that spread love: Please share this with people you know. Of course, especially those of whom you know that they belong to the haters (although I hardly believe that you would enjoy their presence). Therefore, it is even more important to post it online if you have a public social media account (on Twitter or elsewhere), I would like people to read this. I want the haters to be aware of the damage they are doing (I highly doubt that this will do anything, they do all of it, because of the damage it does).

To the poisonous people that spread hate: Shame on you. Shame. On. You. If you have something on your heart that needs to get out, do that in a way that does not harm other people, don’t even think of going somewhere and bother one of the other amazing human beings on our planet. And when you are finished letting your hate out in a non-harmful way, go look for a therapist that can help with your anger problems that most likely are rooted in some unconscious part of your brain.

Going on a rant like this is quite unusual for me, so I am sorry if this comes unexpected, but I do think that some things need to be addressed. And just to make this very clear again: Everyone is free to have their opinion, I am an advocate of open discussion and I always try to understand everyone (even though some people are so toxic that they wouldn’t deserve that someone listened). This post is about people who not only don’t listen what others have to say, but who go around and frighten and endanger others.

10 thoughts on “Hate on the internet

  1. I feel you. The amount of cruelty and trolling online is deeply shocking and disturbing- we have to be careful of how much we expose ourselves to (though it’s often hard to avoid, I know). The anonymity of the online world gives people a sense of invincibility, I think, or the feeling that the people on whom they’re inflicting the cruelty aren’t real, somehow. All we can do is speak out (as you have) and continue to be forces of good. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Thank you for this post, it’s so well written and I feel hate on the internet does need to be addressed.
    Sometimes I have to actively stop my self clicking on certain articles or watching certain youtube videos that’d I’d usually enjoy because the comments sections are vile. The negativity is just unneeded.
    Why hate when you can love?



  3. Nice post, Nadine! I love feeling the passion in this post. I agree with your positions; as I’m an unabashed liberal. However, I also understand that your larger point is the elevation of hatred online. I see this also.

    Unfortunately, I believe that sone people in the USA take their from our president; who mocks, bullies, and humiliates people on nearly a daily basis; who sews division as part of a political strategy to divide and conquer.

    I understand your feelings; as I also find it incredibly disheartening that people would lose sight of another’s humanity through the spreading of hate and fear.

    I’m afraid all we can do is to elevate discussions by our example; by respecting people who have respectful disagreements with our points of view.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you so much. I absolutely agree with you that Trump enforces hate online with his behaviour. Still waiting for someone on Twitter to share this with him… Of all people he probably needs to see this most.
      I do think that people can change and I agree that we need to discuss more, but there is a long way to go.

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