Gratitude and Showing Love to the People Around You

I have already touched upon similar topics, such as giving compliments to each other, but I would like to write a little bit more about the relationships that form our lives and how we can improve and work on them. Showing simple and small acts of kindness or reassurance to the ones close to you can bring a lot of joy and will almost inevitably make you grow even closer. Of course, we should be kind to each other, no matter who is in front of us, but I would like to focus on the people closest to you.

Personal thanks

What comes next might be a bit cheesy, but I would really like to thank my family, friends and boyfriend for always being there for me. I receive so much support and love that it seems merely impossible to give it all back to you. I am so lucky to have so many amazing people around me and I really try my best to give the happiness you give me, back. I am sorry if I fail sometimes, but I do what I can.

And to the people who only virtually know me: Thank you for just being here and reading what I put out there. I am happy to have found so many likeminded people that support each other however possible. So, now after I have said this I can really start with the post.

Being blind to what people do for you

This has happened to me a lot and it still does. Sometimes we don’t see how much other people do for us and what sacrifices they make in order to bring us joy. Just take the parents that work hard everyday to pay for their kids’ food, clothes and education, but in return get angry tantrums. Or your friend tries to help you with a difficult decision and does not even get a “thank you” in return. Often, we realise it afterwards and can apologize or try to give something back, but other times, we just don’t see it, so I am hear to say: Paying attention to what others do for you, is important. It also has the nice side effect that you realize how important and loved you are.

Inability to express gratitude

Going one step further: When we do actually realise that someone just helped us a lot but find ourselves unable to piece the right response together. Well, a “thank you” is always a good start, after that, you can think of what else might be a good way of showing that you appreciate what the other person did for you. The worst possible solution will always be to not say/do anything at all, because that will inevitably send the signal that you are neither grateful nor care about what the person just did for you. So, make sure to let other people know how you feel, even if that makes you feel vulnerable.

How to show gratitude

This is something very personal and you should decide yourself what seems appropriate, but I can still throw in some ideas, I presume. Small gestures can sometimes have a greater effect than huge gifts, if someone did you a favour. Nothing is cuter than a child that sets the table by itself or draws a small picture for you, because you did something with them you usually don’t. Inviting someone over often already is a nice message by itself, but cooking something for them makes it even nicer. When you come back from a holiday, even the smallest gift or souvenir can make someone happy, because it shows that you thought of them when you were away.

Apart from those small gestures, there is another much more direct version of showing gratitude to the people around you: Telling them. I realise that this can be hard sometimes for various reasons, but it will make you feel better and perhaps more importantly, the other person will notice that whatever they did was not going by unnoticed. Open hearted conversation is something I encourage in general, but it is especially important in this case.

Final note

Small acts of kindness are not something you should only do when a person did something for you first. They show that you care, and they can strengthen relationships if all the people involved regularly make an effort. They can also help growing closer again with someone you used to know very well, did not really stay in contact with, but still care about. To sum it up: Kindness and gratitude affect not only who we are and how other people see us, but also how our overall society works. Sadly, gratitude seems to have become something rather rare, so I think we should all make an effort to give something back to each other.

12 thoughts on “Gratitude and Showing Love to the People Around You

  1. Thank you for the reminder. I like giving little gifts with anonymous notes of gratitude, but I don’t do it often enough. 💜


    1. That sounds really amazing, there should be more people like you :). You are already a big step further than I am, you should be proud of yourself for doing this, even if it seems to you like it is not enough. You can always do more you know, but it is most important to start, and you already did.

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  2. Great post! Showing and expressing gratitude are very important, though can also be extremely difficult to do. One way I’ve started to do so is by writing a gratitude series each month; this has been a great exercise for me to reflect, and it’s also nice for the people that get to read about the impact they’ve had on my life. Thanks for sharing this piece!


    1. Thank you very much, I am happy you liked it. This gratitude series sounds like an amazing idea. Also, having a diary can help reflecting on yourself and others actions. Thanks for reading and commenting 😉

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  3. Love this piece!! Thank you for sharing it. It’s a great reminder to show those who have stood by me how much I appreciate it. It’s sometimes so easy to get carried away with our own struggles and we forget what other are doing to help and support us!! Xx


  4. Nice post, Nadine!
    I often find myself taking things for granted. My most successful attempts to connect with gratitude have been through meditation, where I could feel the thankfulness towards those who love and care about me.

    Also, never worry too much about being too cheesy! 🙂 I don’t think there is any such thing when it comes to the people we care about most! But i am a sap. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.



    1. Yes, meditation is a great method to practice gratitude and it often also helps with stress. I used to do it quite regularly, but somehow I stopped. I feel like picking it up again might be a very good idea. Thank you, I am glad to hear that, bring the cheese :,D

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