Blogger Recognition Award

Hey everyone, now that I am done with all my exams, I can finally come out of my cave again and share some amazing stuff with you. I was recently awarded the Blogger Recognition Award and the Liebster Award. I feel incredibly honoured and would like to thank Mind and Love ( and Charli Dee’s Blog ( for reading my blog and supporting me so much. I would like everyone to check out their blogs as well, they post great content and you really would miss out on some amazing stuff, so give it a try!

For today I decided to start with the Blogger Recognition Award, so here are the basic rules, for everyone, who does not know how exactly it works:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and give a link to their blog, so your readers can check out their posts
  2. Write a post about the award and upload it on your blog (to display that you already received it and to remind yourself what you already achieved of course😊)
  3. Describe how you started your blog
  4. Give some advice to new bloggers (preferably two pieces)
  5. Nominate 15 other bloggers that you deem worthy of this award
  6. Notify your nominees and provide them with a link to your blog post

How everything started

I only have been blogging since the end of January, so I remember very well how I started my blog, but it isn’t that much of a story actually. I can recall that one Saturday I was quite bored (something that barely happens to me) and did not really know what to do with myself. I started wondering what I could do and got really inspired when I watched a video about writing blogs. I don’t know how I got there, but I immediately wanted to start one as well. I was not sure about which topic my blog should be dedicated to, so I decided to sleep over my idea for a night, because I also did not want to rush anything. However, the very same evening, I came to talk to my mom about the book, I was planning to write one day and she suggested that I already get some practice, because one cannot just write a book from nothing. She came up with the idea of starting a blog and I really had to pull myself together to not start laughing.

I decided that I would set up the blog the next day when I had decided on something that I enjoyed writing about (I mean, there is literally so much). I figured that there was one topic that seemed to be in need of recognition: Mental Health. Nevertheless, I did not want to restrict myself to that. I also wanted to write about everything else that I felt was underrepresented or worthy of more attention. The name “Home of Understanding” comes from the notion that everyone is okay as they are and that they will be understood (whether it is on this blog or somewhere else, there will be someone who feels similar like you do). I would like to create a safe space for everyone that feels misunderstood or just needs company and assurance. I am looking forward to the journey I am going to make on this blog together with you and the people that may join in the future. So, I think that’s it for the beginning, I guess I wrote more than usually would be necessary, but I just enjoy sharing my story, so there you go :,D.

Two pieces of advice

I don’t know how useful this will be, since I would not consider myself really experienced yet, but I guess that I can point out a few things you should pay attention to. First of all, don’t expect too much too quickly. Writing a blog is nothing that you do once and that will turn you successful. It is a slow process of transformation and development, also of yourself. Growing your readers will take a long time and you need to be patient. If you are only in it for money, it won’t work out. This is something you need to do with your heart and soul and that needs a lot of dedication in order to blossom.

Secondly, I would advice you on believing in yourself. Of course, this is very useful in general, but it is especially important that you don’t get discouraged when you don’t get the return or responses you wished for. I always try to put it this way: Do the writing for yourself. It is great when someone else reads it, but if not, at least you created value for yourself that you can always refer back to. Also, writing itself can be really therapeutic as well and often helps me when I am in a bad mood or not feeling very well. Therefore, keep going and do what you love, no matter what, you are amazing!

And here come my nominees:

  1. Fluxing Well –
  2. Norma Linnet –
  3. Becca’s Love for Life –
  4. Ingredients of Living –
  5. The Tinker Bug –
  6. Pages, Places & Plates –
  7. The Patchwork Fox –
  8. Being and Niceness –
  9. W.D. Herstun –
  10. Treat yo Brain –
  11. The Infinite Project – Mallory’s fight –
  12. Of a Glasgowgirl –
  13. Casestreetx –
  14. I Wish I Was A Lifestyle Blogger –
  15. Same Gal, Different Day –

Check all their blogs out and give them your support, they are amazing people and deserve all the attention!

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