5 Tips on how to Feel More Empowered and Gain Strength

Feeling empowered can be the best feeling ever. I am not speaking of having control over other people, but rather refer to moments when you feel like you can do nearly everything. I tend to get this feeling when I listen to certain music, just had an adrenaline rush or reached a goal that I set myself (even if it is really small). To experience this feeling once in a while is really important and can give you a lot of confidence. I know that it often only lasts for a short period of time, but we need these head ups sometimes, especially in when we are struggling. So, the next time you are having a hard day or need to find your motivation, you might want to try one of these things.

Being brave

This might sound weird coming from me, as I already stated that not everyone has to be a super brave warrior, but it really does feel good to step out of you comfort zone. For many people it can mean to stick up for themselves and tell other people honestly what they think instead of hiding. It gives you a confidence boost and you will feel much better. Leaving the comfort zone will be something different for everyone, but the effect will be very similar. If you do something you have been afraid of and you succeed, it is the best feeling in the world. As an example: I would like to do paragliding one day and I know it will be extremely scary and I am very likely to panic a whole lot before actually doing it, but the feeling during and after that will just be amazing. Nevertheless, this is something quite extreme, many smaller experiences can also make you feel powerful and strong, as they basically represent an obstacle that you managed to overcome. It does not matter how small that obstacle is, you made it!

Crossing that gap and leaving your confidence zone can give you a strong feeling of empowerment.

Restoring order

This might not be something for everyone, but I myself feel much more in control of my life when I clean and order my stuff. I don’t mean just putting stuff in other places as they have been before, I am referring to actually getting rid of all the rubbish that is occupying your flat or house. It clears my head and when I am done and see the difference, I immediately feel more empowered. It is also easier to approach other tasks then, because you already had a success that day and are motivated to keep going, even when it might be stuff you don’t particularly enjoy doing. This trick also works in the morning. If you tend to lie in bed for a long while, distracted by social media or seem unable to get up right away, try getting out of your bed and making it immediately. Making your bed has a similar effect as cleaning up. Next to feeling like you have already accomplished something, it will also look better.

However, if you already are a clean and orderly person, you might find joy in writing your thoughts down now and then and restoring your mental order. I often feel much more confident after writing a blog post, because it means I managed to sort my thoughts and write them down in a way other people understand my point. Even if no one reads it then, I still did something that was good for myself.

Cleaning might not be fun for everyone, but it certainly helps restoring order and confidence, inside and out.


Okay, I know that this might make a weird impression on this list, but it does help me a lot in feeling more powerful and free. It is a way of letting go of things that are a burden to you and restrict you in feeling great. When you feel trapped or like there are too many things going on in your head it can either help to write them down (as already mentioned), solve them or let go of them. Breathing really helps with the last one. The moment you realise that something you have been stressing about so much, is not actually important, will be amazingly freeing. It gives you an incredible strength to let go of things. Taking a deep breath also helps in a lot of other situations. Therefore, I can strongly recommend doing it in stressful moments or during the day when you feel like you need a break.

Breathing fresh air can often help to let go of thoughts or stress.

Listening to music

My favourite one on this list. Music is proven to have a huge influence on our general mood and feelings. If we hear sad songs, we often get lethargic, music in horror movies gets us scared (often it is so subtly that we don’t even consciously hear it), happy songs make us feel uplifted and epic music makes us feel… epic and powerful. I am trying to change a few habits of mine at the moment, many of them in order to give me more confidence and trust in myself, but I only now realise that the songs I listen to have subtly (or not so subtly) changed and might support this process unconsciously. It is something that I did not have on my list, but it made me feel good, so I stuck with it.

I mean how can you not get goose bumps to the Avengers soundtrack when Thor enters Wakanda, how can you not feel amazing cutting those onions when listening to “Brothers in Arms” (Mad Max). How in the world can you not feel powerful vacuuming your flat when “Time” or “No Time for Caution” by Hans Zimmer blast through your speakers? If you think music can’t empower you and make you feel like a hero, you probably have never listened to “Heart of Courage” from Two steps from Hell (I could make a list of my favourite epic songs and upload it, if you would be interested in this). It does not stop there. Those are only the famous ones and all of them are movie soundtracks, do you have any idea how much epic music is waiting out there to be discovered? My most favourite thing is that these songs make you feel great, regardless of what activity you engage in. Whether they make you type furiously on your keyboard or brush your teeth with unknown enthusiasm. Whether they make you run twice as fast or keep motivating you to iron your clothes. These songs fill you with energy and you will almost inevitably enjoy what you are doing. It is not only epic music who does this for me. I also thoroughly enjoy Lady Gaga as a personal motivator. Dancing along to “Born this Way” or “Applause” just is my thing, I guess.

There are millions of awesome epic music compilations on youtube that will give you strength at any time.

Singing and/or dancing

This one is also related to music, but rather than pointing you at a special genre, I will just throw it into the room as general advice. It does not matter if you dance to Emeli Sandé or sing to Eminem, as long as you enjoy the music, singing and dancing can make you feel empowered. Excuses such as “I can’t sing/dance” don’t count, because I am not really good at either of them, but I still enjoy myself. Who cares if my dancing looks like I am touching an electric fence or if my high note sounds like the scream of a dying pig? Just do it when no one is around and it won’t matter. This could also help to be less ashamed of yourself and you might even discover that this one dance move actually doesn’t look as bad as you thought it would.

You don’t need to have advanced moves (or any moves for that matter) to enjoy dancing.

Not pushing it

Finally, this might be a hard one for some people, especially those who like to take action, but sometimes you just have to wait. Awesome moments often occur at random and when you expect them the least. It might just be that you walk outside when the sun is shining from a particular angle and warms your face, it might be when someone gives you credit for something you did or utters an honest compliment. You can’t predict these situations, they surprise you and that is what makes them so amazing and leads to you feeling empowered and more confident.

Bonus tip:

Working on your posture can also lead to a subtle increase in confidence. This is similar to fake smiling at yourself in the mirror. You are basically manipulating your body and tricking your brain into thinking that you are happy and confident. It has been scientifically proven that this actually works, so you might want to give this a try. I have not done it myself yet, but it definitely is on my list for experiments in the future.

So, that’s it, these were my tips one gaining strength and feeling empowered. I hope they can help you or make you feel better. If you enjoyed the read, you can also try my other blog posts (links to a few of them are in the text) or support me on social media (see icons below). Thank you for reading until the end, I am always happy when someone makes the effort of reading my content, so I hope to see you around!

14 thoughts on “5 Tips on how to Feel More Empowered and Gain Strength

    1. I am very happy that this could help you. I also often experience quite chaotic weeks and try to find my balance again after that. Sometimes it is more challenging than you think.


  1. Nice post, Nadine! I like your list. Being brave or exploring elements outside my comfort zone is something I connected with later in life. I read somewhere that you can think of these little discomforts as experiments. It allowed me to see to consequences of going outside my comfort zone, and in many cases, I experienced less discomfort than expected while also recognizing the empowering qualities. Thanks for sharing this list!

    Roger Petersen
    Mind and Love


    1. I am glad you liked it. It is rather common for everyone in my family to leave your comfort zone, so I thought it might be a good idea to put it on here, since I know it can give you a very uplifting feeling.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I completely agree. For me bing empowered begins with being alone and then I take that power to the world and the people around me. That doesn’t always give me perfect results but it does extend that feeling of power.
    That feeling that I’m in control of my life and my moments and my destiny. I think it’s harder to find as u get older but more and more rewarding each time u achieve it.
    Great post.


    1. I am glad that you found a way that works for you. I think it is important that we strive for growth and then it is not about getting perfect results, but about making progress. Thank you so much for commenting and giving me positive feedback

      Liked by 1 person

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