A collection of moments

First of all, I am really sorry for not posting on Wednesday, but my studies are really exhausting right now, so I will only post on sundays from now on. I hope you will still come around and share your thoughts with me. Thanks for being here! Today I will just give you a short list of moments that may light up your day a little bit. Enjoy!

Everyone knows these moments where you suddenly feel more alive and just everything feels wonderful. Some people have them more often than others, but I think we can all agree that they feel absolutely amazing. This is why I decided to make a list of moments that can make you aware of how wonderful everything can be. If you are having a hard time, this can remind you that there are better days to come. This post is about seeing that there is more to this world than we often expect, especially in the small things.

  1. Lying on the floor in a dark room at night and listen to slow music of your choice (e.g. Jason Mraz, Sleeping at last)
  2. Swimming in ice cold water in winter
  3. Making a snow angel
  4. Running (even if it is only 50 meters, you can return inside afterwards)
  5. Skinny dipping at night/sunrise
  6. Getting soaking wet in the rain
  7. Lying in the grass and looking at the clouds/stars
  8. Sitting in a small café, looking out of the window and watching people (maybe while listening to music)
  9. Doing what you are most afraid of
  10. Making abstract art
  11. Listening to piano music
  12. Hugging yourself
  13. Seeing a new country for the first time
  14. Enjoying the first sun after a cold winter
  15. Watching Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate
  16. Having a pillow fight with your friends at 2 in the morning
  17. Driving with open windows and feeling the wind
  18. Being at a silent, beautiful place in nature
  19. Seeing the first leaves fall
  20. Being more aware of everything
  21. Seeing someone absolutely happy (especially when you are the reason)
  22. Accomplishing something you have worked hard for
  23. Meting someone you haven’t seen someone for a long time
  24. Coming home to people you love
  25. Creating something beautiful (e.g. painting, music etc.)

I realised myself that there is a lot of things everyday that I take for granted and don’t appreciate enough. To be honest, I sometimes hate myself for that, because it makes me forget about the good things and it becomes hard to stay positive. I think it would make a lot happier, if I paid more attention to myself and took care of my mental and physical health. Sometimes I get so stressed that I completely ignore everything positive or even turn it into something negative. That makes the people around me and also myself, unhappy. So, the next time you need to take a rest and do something just for you, return to this list and try to do one of these things.

14 thoughts on “A collection of moments

  1. I totally relate, it’s hard sometimes to see the positive. And negativity brings negativity, negative people attract toxic people… It’s a vicious circle.
    That’s a good idea this go-to list, I will try to do one on my own as well! And I’m definitely going to mention “getting soaking wet in the rain” 🙂


    1. That sounds like a really good idea. Everyone has their own preferences or ideas, so it is important to think about what is best for you and what makes you feel better.


  2. What a great post. I’m glad that you realize that you have control over being thankful over focusing on negativity. Many of us can be guilty of that at times (me, too) and it’s always nice to get a reminder to work on it.


  3. I love this post. Just yesterday I had a moment very similar to what you are referring to. I was taking a small carton on strawberry milk out of the fridge after I’d munch on some chips while hanging out in what we’ve made our office to do blog work. I have many moments like this, where there is a surge of appreciation for just doing the most simplest of things.

    As you may tell by my article here: https://morningmagalogue.com/children-of-narcissists-first-step-to-recovery/ I grew up in a dysfunctional home. I was always walking on eggshells and could never feel relaxed in my own house – my house didn’t even feel like my house, it felt like I “just stayed there”.

    I’m now in my own home that my husband and I pay for, and I have my own life and it’s full of comfort.

    We do take little things for granted and should make it a habit to remind ourselves to show more gratitude towards even the tiniest things in life.

    Thank you for sharing such an important post! I hope you come out of your exhaustion and get back on your feet revived again soon!


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