Dreams, wishes or goals – Being brave and opening up

Today I would like to write about something that I think is not talked about enough as well. Dreams. I am not referring to the one’s we have at night, but to the one’s we have during the day, for our future (although they can match each other of course). Everyone has dreams or things they are enthusiastic about and that they long for. If you don’t like the word dream or you feel like it is not an appropriate description for what you want, you can also refer to it as wishes or goals. I am saying this, because it has become increasingly hard in our society to talk openly about our dreams. We are asked repeatedly what our career goals are and what plans we have for our future with regard to achievements and money. Sure, that is an important part our lives, but I feel like no one is ever talking about the dreams they have apart from that, so I decided to dedicate this post to precisely that topic. I will describe a few of my dreams, some of them could come true, others are incredibly unrealistic, but that is what makes them dreams, right?

Writing a book

I dream of writing a book someday. I love sharing my thoughts and writing them down. I always have. However, I never managed to actually produce something consistent, because I always gave up. I was never able to write a diary, because I just stopped doing it after a week. It is a shitty feeling, because I often feel like I don’t have the patience and will to actually bring a thing to an end and have the determination to make something a habit. This is also why I am writing this blog. To prove to myself that I can do it and that I can be consistent. So, it would be great, if you stayed with me, because everything is always easier when you have support.

Regarding my book, I already have a plot and characters and even started writing, but I know that I will need more practice, so I decided to do some other stuff first in order to improve and then write a book that is slightly better than if I wrote it now. Since I am studying right now, it is also very hard to find the time to write, but I am determined to write the book when I have finished my studies. This is a dream I had for a long time. Maybe even since I was a child. I always loved books, even during my teenage years, in which, I have to admit though, I could have read more. I loved the stories and how they could make me laugh and cry and touch my heart. I want to give this experience to someone else.

So even though writing a book is a huge challenge, takes a lot of effort and pain and struggle, I am willing to put all my heart into it and be patient.

Living in London

How do I address this best? I.just.love.the.city. With all my heart. Although I live in Germany, I have spent my fair share of time in London. My family has friends there, whom we visit every year. I also did several stays with host families during my summer holidays or went there with my school. I know the city better than the city where I grew up. I know how to navigate myself and could probably be a tour guide. I can list all sights in my sleep. I know that this is only the touristic side that everyone gets to see first, but my main interest is everything behind that. The quiet spots that not everyone knows and that are not listed in every tourist guide.

I want to get up in the morning and walk past street artists at every corner, I want to enjoy concerts at noon in St. Martin in the Fields, I want the busy streets and horns and chaos. I want to have this overwhelming feeling of being alive. I know that there are a million places in the world where I can get this, but until so far, I had this feeling the strongest when I was in London. Even when my feet hurt from all the walking and it was loud and there was carbondioxide everywhere, I still could not keep myself keep from thinking: Damn, I wish I lived here. Sometimes I can’t even explain what exactly it is. I can’t point my finger at it, but that is how I feel.

I know that there is a real possibility that I might get annoyed at some point and start to hate it, but I am absolutely okay with taking that risk, if it means I will have lived in London at least for a short period of time. If the magic goes away some day, I will be totally fine with it and I will move on. Now that I have explained my dream about this very special city, I will address more of a cliché topic, everyone who is not interested can skip the next section.

Meeting an actor or author or singer (basically anyone who made me cry, by touching my heart)

Yes. I can’t believe that I am actually saying this, because I used to be more of an anti-celebrity kind of person and thought that everyone who wanted to meet a celebrity was shallow. I am publicly apologizing for having had that thought. I think it took me a long time to realise that most people who had this dream, did not have it because there was someone playing in a film that costed several million dollars to make or looked good, but because they were inspired or touched and it affected them or their life in some kind of way. No one voluntarily travels 1000 miles just to meet or see someone famous when this person is not actually important to them.

Until this point of time, all the people I would like to meet have kind of accumulated and I had a serious discussion with myself whether I should name all of them and why exactly they played an important role, but then I realised that this would take far to long, so I just decided to make a list with a few of them to give you some kind of picture.

Singer/Bands Actors/Actresses Authors
Panic at the Disco (Brendon) Tom Ellis John Green
Queen Benedict Cumberbatch Hank Green
All time low Jennifer Aniston Gail Honeyman
Paramore Martin Freeman Rainbow Rowell
One Republic Emma Watson Jojo Moyes
Snow Patrol    

All the people on this list have made me cry at least once (the tendency goes to many more times of course) and have changed how I see something or have made me aware of something I did not see before. The stories that they told through singing, acting or narrating have touched me, and I hope that I can give that to someone someday as well (e.g. a book).

Traveling to Australia

Something I also have wanted for quite some time, is travelling to Australia. I have no idea, where this desire originally came from, but I have very strong feelings about it as well. I have never left Europe and therefore would be excited to be that far away from home. Of course, I want to visit so many other places in the world, but Australia is the one I want to see first. I want to feel the hot temperatures and different climate. I want to surf and dive and see koalas and kangaroos. I want to see the Great Barrier reef, before it completely dies.

Climate change, a topic I feel very strongly about as well, I might post something about it sometime. I mean it is already talked about a lot, but there can’t be a “too much”, when our planet is at stake. I know that there is a certain irony in saying that I will fly across the globe, emitting enormously much carbondioxide, to see something that dies because of actions just like these. If I want to see Australia, I would have to stay there a longer period of time, because otherwise the carbondioxide emissions of the two flights would just be too much in a short period of time. I would also pay in order to compensate the carbondioxide. That is not a whole lot of effort and I would basically do anything to see Australia. So year, fingers crossed that I get there at some point in my life…

Anything else

If you got until here: Thank you so much for taking the time to read everything. I have many more dreams, such as learning to play the piano or that we manage to save the planet, but if I described all of them, you would still sit here in two hours.

Dreams are very personal, and it can be really hard to openly talk about them, but I would encourage you to do just that, because there a whole lot of people out there, who might share these dreams or, even better, can help you achieve them. There is nothing to be ashamed of. If you don’t want to do this that is totally fine. The most important thing is that you keep chasing after your dreams. You can do it!

Oh, and also, if you want to see something very magical, I would advise you to try the following link, it is especially important for everyone who is afraid to speak about their dreams. Those were one of the best 20 minutes of my life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2rG4Dg6xyI

13 thoughts on “Dreams, wishes or goals – Being brave and opening up

  1. My partner and I stumbled over here by a different web page and thought I might check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to exploring your web page again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Nadine,
    I think it took a lot of courage to open up the way you have in this post. Like you said, not everyone talks about their dreams. I hope you don’t mind if I suggest a very powerful and inspiring podcast that I discovered in my pursuit to become a freelance writer and blogger. It’s called Don’t Keep Your Day Job by Cathy Heller. Cathy talks with a lot of people who made their dreams a reality and how they did it. She offers tons of encouragement and motivation so I think you might like her.
    I love that you shared your story and I hope that you keep writing!


    1. Thank you so much, yes it did take me a lot of courage to actually press the publish button, so I am quite happy that you liked it. I will definitely listen to the podcast, thank you so much for the tip and yes, I will absolutely keep writing. Also, your comment really made my day better, because it always feels very nice to get encouragement 🙂


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